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What follows is an accounting of the books that are in the Almgren-Friedman library and related links and so forth. Of course with the rise of online versions of books at places such as Virginia Tech and Project Gutenberg, it makes the books physical existence seem almost limiting. Where possible I have linked to an electronic copy.

Note 1: A . listed after the book indicates it was inventoried sometime after Dec 2001. Not having a . indicates that it wasn't found, it was loaned out, it was missed by accident, or the shelf it was on has not as of yet been inventoried. For what its worth this list was counted on 1/12/02 and found 2417 books bullet-listed, but only 1191 recently inventoried.

Note 2: An Author and book who are not bullet listed but instead are listed all in a mess, was part of the original pre-html version of this list and have never been reinventoried.


Adams  Aldiss  Alexander  Anderson  Andrews  Anthony  Archer  Asimov  Atwater  Auel  Avi  Babylon 5  Barjavel  Barnes  Baudino  Beagle  Bear  Beauty and the Beast  Benford  Berenstain  Bester  Bishop  Blish  Block  Blume  Bond  Bova  Boyett  Bradley  Bradshaw  Brin  Brink  Brooks  Brunner  Bujold  Burnett  Busby  Cahill  Callenbach  Campbell  Caras  Card  Cary  Carlson  Carroll  Carson  Cavanah  Chalker  Chant  Charles  Chaucer  Cherryh  Chopin  Chrisman  Chute  Cicero  Clancy  Clark  Clarke  Clavell  Cleary                       

= A =

Adler, Margot Drawing Down the Moon Aesop Aesop's Fables (HC) Alighieri, Dante The Inferno Andersen, Hans C. Tales (HC) Attenborough, David The Living Planet

= B =

Babbitt  Babylon 5  Bach  Bacon  Bailey  Bakeless  Baker  Baldwin  Barjavel  Barnes  Baudino  Beagle  Bear  Beauty and the Beast  Benford  Berenstain  Bester  Bishop  Blish  Block  Blume  Bond  Bova  Boyett  Bradley  Bradshaw  Brin  Brink  Brooks  Brunner  Bujold  Burnett  Busby  Bakker, Robert T The Dinosaur Heresies Bandler, R & Grinder, J Frogs into Princes Barnhart, Helene Writing Romance Novels Baron & Higbie Computer Architecture Barrett Jr., Neal Babylon 5 Book#5 The Touch of Your Shadow... Bell, Pat & Wright, D Rocks and Minerals Benyus, Janine The Fld Guide to Wildlfe Hab of the Eastern US Bradford, William History of Plymouth  (CC) Brothers Grimm Complete Fairy Tales Brown, Michael Laying Waste: The Poisoning of American Brown, Michael H. The Search for Eve Browning, Robert Selected Poems  (CC) Burke, James The Day the Universe Changed Burnett, Fisher & Zim Zoology  (GG) Burnett, Lehr & Zim Weather  (GG) Butler, Samuel The Way of All Flesh  (CC)

= C =

Callow, J & Reilly, R Guide to American Lit. from Emily Dickinson Carey, Diane Star Trek - Final Frontier Clifton, M & Riley, F They'd Rather Be Right Cnt Conf of Amer Rabbis Gates of Prayer: The New Union Prayerbook Cnt Conf of Amer Rabbis Gates of Repentance: The New Union Prayerbook Conrad, Joseph Lord Jim (Pocket Classics) Conrad, Joseph Heart of Darkness & The Secret Sharer Cooper, Edmund The Tenth Planet Cringely, Robert X. Accidental Empires Cundall, A & Lystrop, H Yellowstone National Park

= D =

Darwin, Charles The Origin of Species de Balzac, Honore Old Goriot  (CC) Dillard, J. M. Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country Dodge, Nat & Zim The Southwest Doman & Doman How to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Donne, John The Complete English Poems Dostoevsky, Fyodor Crime and Punishment Drew, Wayland Willow Duane, Diane Spock's World Dyson, Freeman Weapons and Hope

= E =

Eisenstein, Phyllis Born to Exile Eldredge, Niles Life Pulse: Episodes from the Fossil Record Eliot, Charles W. American Historical Documents 1000-1904 (HC) Elkind, David The Hurried Child - Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon Emerson, Ralph Waldo Essays and English Traits (HC) Emerson, Ralph Waldo Essays, Poems, Addresses  (CC) Epictetus Discourses  (CC) Epictetus The Golden Sayings (HC) Erasmus, Desiderius The Praise of Folly  (CC) Evans, Christopher The Micro Millenium

= F =

Fichter, George Cats  (GG) Fischer & LeBlanc Crafting a Compiler Fluchere, Henri Wines  (GG) Foley & Van Dam Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics France, Anatole Thais & The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard  (CC) Franklin, Benjamin The Autobiography of  (CC) Friedman, Bill Casino Games  (GG)

= G =

Gibran, Kahil Secrets of the Heart Gibran, Kahil The Broken Wings Gibran, Kahil The Prophet Gibran, Kahil The Wanderer Gould, Stephen Jay Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale & Nature of History Grotius, Hugo The Law of War and Peace  (CC)

= H =

Halstead & Landa Tropical Fish  (GG) Hamilton, Edmond The Best of Edmond Hamilton Harte, Bret Selected Stories and Poems  (CC) Horace Selected Poems  (CC)

= I =

Ibsen, Henrik Seven Plays  (CC) Irwin & Love The Best of Trek #17

= J =

= K =

Khayyam, Omar Rubaiyat  (CC)

= L =

Lane, William Stories from The Thousand and One Nights (HC) The Leakey Foundation

Leakey, R & Lewin, R Origins Leakey, R & Lewin, R Origins Reconsidered:

Levi & Levi Spiders and their kin  (GG) Levi, Levi & Zim Spiders and their kin  (GG) Levy, Steven Hackers Locke, John On Politics and Education  (CC) Lucretius On the Nature of Things  (CC)

= M =

Malory, Sir Thomas Le Morte d'Arthur: A prose ed by Baines, Keith Mandala Productions Star Trek Foto #1 - City on the Edge of Forever Mandala Productions Star Trek Foto #2 - Where No Man Has Gone Before Mandala Productions Star Trek Foto #3 - The Trouble With Tribbles Mandala Productions Star Trek Foto #4 - A Taste of Armageddon Manning, Harvey Backpacking: One Step at a Time Marlowe, Christopher Edward the Second (HC) Martin, Alexander Weeds  (GG) Milton, John Paradise Lost & Other Poems  (CC) Mitchell & Stallings Ecotactics Montaigne, Michelde Selected Essays  (CC) Moore, Thomas Utopia  (CC) Morrow & DeHammer Good Mourning Morton, Julia Herbs and Spices  (GG)

= N =

= O =

= P =

Palgrave, Francis ed. The Golden Treasury  (CC) Piper, H. Beam Little Fuzzy Piper, H. Beam Uller Uprising
  • Five Great Dialogues  (CC)
  • Great Dialogues.
  • The Apology of Socrates, Crito & Phaedo (HC) Potok, Chaim My Name is Asher Lev Pyle, Howard The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

    = Q =

    = R =

    Reich, Charles The Greening of America Reid, George & Zim Pond Life  (GG) Rhodes, Zim & Shaffer Fossils  (GG) Roddenberry, Gene Star Trek - The Motion Picture Roth, Philip Goodbye, Columbus Ruth & Considine

    = S =

    Sprunt & Zim Gamebirds  (GG) Starhawk The Spiral Dance

    = T =

    Turgenev, Ivan Fathers and Sons  (CC) Tyndale House Publ The Living Bible, Paraphrased

    = U =

    Udall, Stewart L. The Quiet Crisis Ullman, James R. Banner in the Sky

    = V =

    Van Scyov, Sydney J. Sunwaifs Van Sickle, Dirck The Ecological Citizen Voss, Gilbert Oceonography  (GG)

    = W =

    Weiner, Jonathon Planet Earth Weistein, Marion Earth Magic: A Dianic Book of Shadows Whiteford, Andrew Indian Arts  (GG) Whitman, Walt Selected Poems  (CC) Wigginton, Eliot ed. Foxfire 2

    = X =

    = Y =

    = Z =

    Zim & Gabrielson Birds  (GG) Zim & Hoffmeister Mammals  (GG) Zim, Herbert Everglades National Park  (GG) Zim, Herbert The Rocky Mountains  (GG) Zim, Herbert & Baker Stars  (GG) Zim, Herbert & Ingle Seashores  (GG) Zim, Herbert & Martin Flowers  (GG) Zim, Herbert & Martin Trees  (GG) Zim, Herbert & Shaffer Rocks and Minerals  (GG) Zim, Herbert & Smith Reptiles and Amphibians  (GG)

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z